Taking Stock Foods® specializes in drinkable broths. Our product line include 3 bone broths made from organic chicken, and a vegan broth made from oyster mushrooms.

Our bone broths are made from a mother recipe that was developed over the course of several years. We used classic broth and stock recipes as well as current bone broth recipes as references, marrying traditional cooking and modern tastes to create something that is good enough to drink.

What is the difference between broth and stock? One interpretation is that broth refers to the liquid that meat is cooked in, and stock uses bones as its primary ingredient. The differences between these products is subtle, and the modern cook often uses the two products interchangeably.

We call our poultry based broths bone broths because of the way in which we cook the product. We cook the broth for 12 hours, and at the end our bones are soft enough to crush with light pressure. We include a low acid ‘drinking’ vinegar as an ingredient, which adds a unique flavor, and aids in the bones breaking down into the broth. By taking these measures, we create a product that has a collagen ­rich structure and a meaty flavor.

When we were developing our product line, we also wanted to address the lack of delicious, healthful vegetarian broths on the market. Our vegan broth has the rich, hearty flavor of concentrated oyster mushrooms with warming ginger to balance it out. Mushrooms contain many properties that are prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine and are being explored in Western medicine today. To read more on this subject, visit Thrive Cuisine’s website for an in-depth exploration of the scientific research pertaining to mushrooms and their health benefits.

There are many ways to enjoy the entire product line from Taking Stock Foods®. To learn more about our recipes and easy ways to incorporate broth into your lifestyle, visit our Recipes section.