1 - What are the benefits of broth?

Read this article to learn more about why people are incorporating bone broth into their diets.

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2 - How much should I eat/drink?

Each container of is filled with 14.5 ounces of frozen broth. This can be enjoyed as 2 (7.25 ounce) servings. Some customers drink smaller portions more often. Others use the entire container for one meal. It’s up to you to decide what’s right for your body.

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3 - Where do your ingredients come from?

Taking Stock partners with smaller scale organic producers. Our chicken is from Larry Schultz Organic Farm. Other ingredients come from Co-op Partners Warehouse, a certified organic distributor in St. Paul.

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4 - How do I heat the broth?

To remove from its container, defrost the broth overnight in the refrigerator or our preferred method is to run the container under a hot tap of water for about a minute. Once the frozen broth is loosened from its package, it should be removed from its container and heated on the stove or in the microwave to a boil, 5-10 minutes.

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5 - How long does it last?

Taking Stock pints have date and batch numbers indicated on their seals. Frozen broth is freshest when enjoyed within 6 months from the production date. Once defrosted, we recommend the broth is consumed or refrozen within 9 days.

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6 - Can I refreeze broth after it has been defrosted?


  • Once the broth has been heated to a boil, you can put it in a smaller container to refreeze it.
  • To keep bacterial growth at bay, do not let the broth rest between 41 and 141 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 4 hours.
  • Multiple defrosts and refreezes may affect the flavor of Taking Stock Broth.

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7 - I would like to try a sample. How do I get one?

Free samples are available at our events. Check out our calendar to see where you can try our broth in Minnesota.

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8 - What are your delivery rates?

We offer free delivery to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota and some zip codes in Nebraska, North Dakota, and Missouri. If you live outside our free shipping area, we will contact you about additional shipping charges when we receive your order.

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9 - I have dietary restrictions. Can I use your broth?

Taking Stock Bone Broths and Vegan Mushroom Ginger Broth are made with simple, whole ingredients. They are free of gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy. Our Unsalted Classic Broth is also free of added salt, and contains 115 mg of naturally occurring sodium. Check out specific products and review your special diet to determine if Taking Stock Broth is the right fit.

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10 - Can my pet have your broth?

We do not recommend that you feed Taking Stock Bone Broths to your pet. We use shallots ( a type of onion in the Allium species) in our Bone Broths. Research shows that Alliums are potentially toxic for dogs and cats.

Vegan Mushroom Ginger Broth does not contain any shallots, and does not contain any other ingredients that are toxic to dogs and cats.

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11 - How is it different than a powdered bone broth supplement?

  • Powdered bone broth supplements have been heavily processed to achieve their dry, flavorless form.
  • Taking Stock Broth is a slowly cooked, and made from whole, natural ingredients. It is flavorful, and has been developed for its culinary uses as well as its healthfulness.

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12 - What are other people saying about Taking Stock?

"I’ve always been a huge fan of drinking broth, but I have tried basically every store bought option and never really enjoyed them….until trying Taking Stock’s unsalted chicken broth today. It is truly incredible."
- Chandler, CA

“I love the convenience of having a broth subscription. It’s always available when I need an easy breakfast or a warm up in the evening.”
- Christine, Minneapolis

"I tried the salted broth tonight and it was great! Very rich, but not heavy. I'm excited to experiment with adding in different flavors and spices!"
- Jason, Minneapolis

“Excellent product. Much more flavorful than grocery store stocks and the protein content is at least double. I appreciate that it is made from local and organic ingredients without added flavorings or concentrates. I get a monthly subscription delivered and use it for cooking and sipping.”
- Katherine, Minneapolis

"Taking Stock is the best chicken broth I have ever tried, made by two of the nicest people I've ever met! (They also make a vegetarian version too!) I would recommend this broth to anyone!"
- Jeff, Minneapolis

"I highly recommend Taking Stock broth. It’s great for cooking or drinking if you’re feeling under the weather. There is no comparison between Taking Stock’s product and other boxed broth you can buy at the store. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive than traditional store bought broth but in my opinion, my health and support of a local company with the same food values as me justifies the cost."
- Brian, Buffalo MN

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