Linden Hills Farmer’s Market: Buy Broth in Minnesota

Celebrate summer with us at the Linden Hills Farmer’s Market.

Buy broth in Minnesota! We have our signature broth available frozen in pints. $8 for 1 pint, or 2 for $15.

Visiting us at the Farmer’s Market also gives you the unique opportunity to sample our broth. We have hot broth samples, and offer 2 ‘add-ins.’ These flavor enhancers act much like creamer does for coffee, and will help you enjoy drinkable broth at its best!


We have hand stamps available for our little visitors and the young at heart!

View the whole roster of vendors and learn more about the market:

Broth, specifically that made with chicken, is a fantastic food with many benefits. Traditionally used across the world to ease a multitude of ailments, broth is now being consumed as a fortifying, rejuvenating, and healthful beverage. Taking Stock uses 5 Minnesota ingredients to create a delicious golden broth that has all of the benefits of a 12 hour cook with a delicious, clean taste.

Taking Stock Foods, LLC was founded by Maddy Kaudy and Molly Clark in 2015. With 25 years of combined cooking experience, both Kaudy and Clark built Taking Stock out of a need for high quality, delicious cooking broth. In their research, Kaudy and Clark learned that broth was being used outside of the culinary setting- as a drinkable beverage. Inspired by the rich agricultural traditions of Minnesota and the joy of making slow, pure food, Taking Stock set out to be the first dedicated broth company in Minnesota.

Based out of St. Paul, Taking Stock debuted in December 2015 with a signature broth made from filtered water, Kadejan Farms chicken, organic shallots and carrots, and an artisanal raspberry rhubarb sipping vinegar made by Leatherwood Vinegary. Starting small, but with grand aspirations, Taking Stock seeks to create meaningful relationships with their farmers, customers, and support staff. Taking Stock takes the time to do things right. It’s slow food for your not slow life.