Chickpea and Dumpling soup class at ISD622

Begin or strengthen your soup making skills by learning the practical art of soup making with Chef Molly. In this hands-on class, prepare a chickpea and dumpling soup.  Learn to make and roll dumplings, and a flour roux to create a creamy finish. This pleasing soup is vegan and yields lots of leftovers. Additional soup recipes will be shared. Come to class with your questions and ideas. Bring your favorite soup pot, dishcloth, chef’s knife and container for leftovers.  A $10 food fee is payable to instructor in class.

Fall in Love with Soup class at the Mississippi Market

Join Molly, co-founder of Taking Stock Foods, to learn the basics of soup making while mastering a recipe to adapt to your tastes and preferences. We’ll highlight some favorite soup cookbooks, recipes and make a large enough batch of lentil soup that you’ll have some to take home. Please bring a container to take some home.

Food as medicine: Bone Broth

Join the founders of Taking Stock Foods to learn all about Bone Broth, its health benefits and many uses. You’ll hear their start-up story, learn how bone broth supports a sustainable planet, and get to try delicious samples of their products. The event will wrap up with a brief cooking demonstration of one way you can prepare bone broth in your home.