Sampling at Wedge Community Co-op

You can cook with it, you can heal with it, and you can replenish with it; broth is a versatile food.

Taste 3 flavors from Taking Stock and learn more about broth that’s good enough to drink.

Sampling at Eastside Food Co-op

Northeast Minneapolis, here we come! Join us for a sampling of 3 of our products.

We have ideas about healthy eating, getting through the cold and flu season, and fasting with broth. Stop in and say “hi”!

Sampling at Linden Hills Co-op

To all of our Linden Hills Farmers Market shoppers, we’re back in your neighborhood!

Join us at the Linden Hills Co-op for a sampling of 3 of our broths. We’ll be available as a resource for questions on cooking with bone broth, the benefits of anti-inflammatory foods, and any other broth related queries you may have.

Sampling at Tim and Tom’s Speedee Market

Visit the iconic Tim and Tom’s Speedee Market and learn why so many people are talking about bone broth.

Taking Stock Foods will have 3 broths available for tasting, and will be available to answer questions about the benefits of broth, our company, and how to use our products.