Sampling at Linden Hills Co-op

Linden Hills friends, come in and warm up with sips of savory, delectable broth.
Taking Stock broth is slow cooked in St. Paul using carefully chosen, local ingredients and is available in the frozen case.

Sampling at Valley Natural Foods

Taste delicious bone broths from local, woman-owned Taking Stock Foods and learn how to use them to achieve your New Year’s resolutions!

Sampling at Mastel’s Health Foods

Join us at Mastel’s to learn about the benefits of broth and to taste our Classic Salted Bone Broth, Vegan Mushroom Ginger Broth, and Ginger Turmeric Bone Broth.

Sampling at Hampden Park Co-op

We will be sampling our Classic Salted Bone Broth, Ginger Turmeric Bone Broth, and Vegan Mushroom Ginger Broth.

We would love to engage with Hampden Park customers around the uses and benefits of broth and meet new broth users!

Sampling at Mazopiya

Join us for a broth sampling with our friends at Mazopiya, A Natural Food Market.

We will be giving samples of our Ginger Turmeric bone broth and Vegan Mushroom Ginger broth. Frozen broth will be available for sale.

We’re happy to answer questions about broth and the benefits of clean eating.

See you there!