Why Our Broth Is Better Than Homemade, Part 1

Although Maddy and I have 25 years of combined professional cooking experience, the heart of what we do at Taking Stock is driven by our passion for cooking at home. Taking Stock began when we observed the lack of slow cooked, made from real ingredients broth and stock options available on the market. We wanted to offer our customers a product that we would be proud to serve to our own families, at our own tables.

Most of our customers either cook broth on a regular basis, or have attempted to do so. We love to hear from home cooks who use their slow cookers or left over rotisserie chicken carcasses to make broth. These techniques are sound and economical.

One advantage that we have at Taking Stock Foods is access to a walk-in refrigerator and freezer. These temperature controlled rooms allow us to safely chill our broth rapidly once it has completed cooking. They also allow us to package our product in cool conditions that ensure that the broth remains below 41 degrees.

We identify our individual cooks by batch number, and have extensive logs detailing their temperatures throughout the cooking day and the packaging day. Over these two days, we temp our product hourly to keep the product safe from bacterial growth.

We are serious about food safety. Our customer’s health is always on our minds.

We hope that this fact is evident to you, our customer. Visit us at our farmer’s markets this week for tips on home kitchen safety and to answer any questions about making broth.

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