Facing Our Launch

I identify myself mostly as a creative type. I was drawn to becoming a chef because I saw this job as way to share my creativity with a large audience. Cooking professionally, though, is much more than a cerebral occupation: it is a grueling physical job. Ask a professional cook that you know to see their muscles and their scars, these are their badges of honor. I’ve been out of full service kitchens for almost a year now. I miss the comradery of the back of the house staff and the thrill of a knock out service. I learned so much in my years on the line, and now I have the energy to apply this knowledge to my own pursuits.

It has been a joy to take the hard earned experience I gained when working in professional kitchens and applying it to my own line of products. Maddy Kaudy, my business partner, and I have been using our 25 years of combined cooking experience to create a product that we trust and love. We have visited the farm and the production facility of two of our key ingredients. We are also painstakingly improving our business concept to reflect our values and goals. This past year, we have revised our business plan three times, completely changed our concept once, and both worked full time on this project since January. We have attended seminars, workshops, and courses put on by Women Venture, the James J Hill Foundation, The Minnesota Cup, NAWBO, and SCORE to name a few. We are doing everything in our power to get our business off the ground. And now the time is here.

The December launch of our product will be incredibly cathartic for Maddy and myself. So far, this idea has lived inside of us. Now it is time to present it to our communities. We tip our hats to all the hard workers, in the cooking profession and otherwise, who are realizing a dream this December. Keep us in your hearts as well.

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