Stove Top Pot Roast

Slow cooking stove-top pot roast. No plug in gadgetry required!

  • Yields: 8 Generous Portions

Frozen Vegetable Soup

  • Yields: 1 large bowl

Bone Broth Couscous with Rotisserie Chicken, Melted Carrots, and Dukkah Spice

The complicated part of this recipe is the process, but the richness of the Dukkah is unforgettable. This nut mixture was adapted from the Jerusalem Cookbook by Ottolenghi and Tamimi, and has become hugely popular with home cooks looking for exotic flavors. With a little patience, this could become a favorite dish of your household, too!

  • Yields: 4 Servings
Miso Boost

Miso Boost

  • Yields: 1 cup
GRLK sauce boost

GRLK Boost

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  • Yields: 1 cup
Egg drop soup

Simple Egg Drop Soup

  • Yields: 1 serving
Instant Black Bean Soup

Lunchtime Black Bean Soup

  • Yields: 2 Cups
This recipe makes 8 6-ounce burgers that will satisfy big appetites.

Green Curry Turkey Burgers

This exotic turkey burger makes lean ground turkey exciting.

  • Prep: 35 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yields: 8 6-ounce burgers.