All Right! Bone Broth Tacos!


July 28, 2017

You don't need a reason to make tacos! That being said, these tasty treats are packed with low-fat protein from ground bison and bone broth. Former brand ambassador and owner of The Abundant Kitchen, Becki Melvie, shared this recipe with us, it's a huge hit with her family! We hope you can share it with your loved ones... or not! Enjoy them any way you like.


1 lb Ground bison

1/2 cup Chopped onion

1 cup Grated carrot

2 Garlic cloves, minced

3 tbsp Tomato paste

1 1/2 tsp Coarse salt

1 tsp Ground black pepper

1 tbsp Ground cumin

1 tbsp Chili powder

1 tbsp Smoked paprika

1 tsp Dried oregano

1 pinch Ground cinnamon

1 cup Taking Stock Foods Classic Unsalted bone broth


1Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium heat for 5 minutes. Add the ground bison and spread evenly across the pan, allowing to sear. Cook through, breaking into smaller pieces as it cooks, about 6-8 minutes.

2Add the onions and carrots and sauté until the pan goes dry, about 3-4 minutes. Add the garlic and tomato paste, and cook for another minute. Sprinkle in the spices and mix to combine well.

3Lower the heat and pour in the bone broth, allowing it to reduce to a thick sauce. Turn heat to warm/low and cover until ready to serve.

Consider serving the tacos with these sides and garnishes:

8-12 soft flour or crunchy tortillas or

8-12 washed and dried bibb lettuce leaves

8 ounces of grated cheese

½ cup of sour cream

1 avocado, sliced or chopped

Diced tomato and onion

Shredded green cabbage

Sliced black olives



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