In these dark, day-dreaming days of November, it’s easy to want to escape from Minnesota.

Bundle up and visit one of the many amazing soup restaurants in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Bone broth benefits you by helping hydrate and decongest your body, and it sates your hunger. In addition to drinking and cooking with Taking Stock Organic Chicken Bone Broth, try eating out and enjoying these favorite Southeast Asian soups. 

Pho Ca Dao’s House Special Pho

Skip the eggrolls and go for the gold: their signature soup. The House Special has beef tenderloin, beef brisket, honeycomb tripe, and meatballs. Maybe that tripe has magical restorative properties? Give it a try and find out.

Bangkok Thai Deli’s Khao Soi

Tender bone-in chicken served in a yellow curry broth with both fried and boiled egg noodles and pickled vegetables knock this dish out of the park.

Pho 79’s Mi Hoanh Thanh

Springy egg noodles and a lighter broth are a departure from the beef broth/rice noodle combination. Also, the pork wontons are really, really tasty.

Quangs’ Bun Ca Kieng Giang

This seabass soup is only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This may be the best fish dish in the city.