Our Philosophy

Taking the time to do things right.

This core philosophy guides all of our decisions, including:

How we cook

We simmer our bone broth for a minimum of 18 hours to maximize flavor and nutritional value. It took two years to perfect the recipe, but it was worth the wait.

The ingredients we use

We only use ethically sound ingredients. These include cage-free, organic chickens and organic vegetables, raised with care. Our craft-style broths are made from our proprietary small-batch recipes using one single farm source per ingredient. We know the exact origins of our ingredients to ensure the highest quality broth on the market. More on our sourcing.

The people we work with

We build genuine relationships with our manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and employees. Everyone deserves—and receives—our respect. Sell our broth

Our customers

We love connecting with home cooks, and hearing how you use Taking Stock broth. Have an idea or recipe to share? Get in touch

The causes we support

Taking Stock is proud to call St. Paul home. We’re committed to our local growers, makers and markets, and to understanding the issues affecting our community. We’re an active voice in the ongoing conversation about Minnesota food production. And we always have broth to share for a good cause. Contact us

By taking time to do things right, we’re creating food and relationships that have a lasting impact.


I’m never disappointed with how Taking Stock products work with any recipe I’ve tried them with. I’ve used them in reduction sauces, braising, and for soups and stews. On their own, they are all balanced and flavorful. For me they really shine with sauces, very silky and an amazing flavor base to build upon. Do yourself a favor and buy the best.

— Mike L. (chef in the healthcare industry)

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What’s good about bone broth?

For starters, it’s low-calorie, high-protein, and very delicious. It supports your healthy lifestyle. You can cook with it or drink it straight.

More Reasons OUR bone broth Is great 


Buy our organic, slow-cooked broth

Taking Stock bone broth is flavorful but not overly seasoned. This makes it an excellent neutral base for many types of cuisines. It’s also delicious all by itself—drink it hot or cold.