What people are saying about Taking Stock Foods


I am convinced that you will never find a better bone broth than this. I would recommend Taking Stock Bone Broth without hesitation.

— Jeff P.


I’m not a coffee or tea drinker in the morning, but I do crave a good hot beverage, especially in the winter.  Drinking my Taking Stock bone broth for breakfast is a great alternative.  I feel satisfied AND comforted. It’s a great improvement to make it shelf stable because I can keep some bone broth at my desk at work, too.

— Mary M.


It is the perfect size, with ingenious packaging and it was simple to prepare. It’s your best tasting product yet.

— Maud H.


I’m never disappointed with how Taking Stock products work with any recipe I’ve tried them with.   I’ve used them in reduction sauces, braising, and for soups and stews.  On their own, they are all balanced and flavorful.  For me they really shine with sauces, very silky and an amazing flavor base to build upon.  Do yourself a favor and buy the best.

— Mike L. (chef in the healthcare industry)


I tried Taking Stock’s new shelf stable Chicken Bone Broth this week and loved it! The rich chicken flavor makes it easy to sip on these cold mornings. I started drinking bone broth to help with acid reflux stomach symptoms. Other broths I’ve tried don’t compare to this one! I like the new container too.

— Deb N.


I really like the complex flavors of the Ginger Turmeric broth. It has a lot of flavor without being salty and is good simply warmed up with a sprig of fresh thyme added.

— Katherine L.


Taking Stock Ginger Turmeric broth is hands down the most drinkable broth I’ve found! I’ve tried many types of bone broth to help support intermittent fasting, and many of them are bland and have a weird aftertaste. Not so with the Ginger Turmeric broth — the blend is both tasty and smooth. I also love the new Taking Stock packaging! The spout makes it so much easier to pour and re-seal rather than trying to messily pour out of what is basically a zip-loc bag. Kudos to Taking Stock for a delicious broth in functional packaging.

— Amanda H.


I heated some Ginger Turmeric broth as a relaxing late night treat and immediately felt the soothing effects.  The broth is both light and flavorful and helped my whole body feel more relaxed.

— Tamara P.


I absolutely love the new packages for the broth. The pour spout makes the packaging so easy to use! I love this broth and its versatility — I used it as a ramen base one day and drank the rest from a mug a couple days later. The flavors are so good! My only wish is that you could fit more broth in a pouch 🙂 but then it wouldn’t fit in the fridge…

— Morgan W.

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