Why Bone Broth?

What’s special about bone broth in general
— and Taking Stock broth in particular

Bone broth supports your healthy lifestyle

Our broth is nutrient-dense, low-calorie and high-protein. If you’re trying to cut back on salt, try our Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth.

Made from scratch

Taking Stock starts every batch with our custom bone broth formula, which we developed and refined over the course of two years in the kitchen. We cook the broth for over 18 hours, to bring out our signature flavor and optimal nutrition. It tastes homemade, without all the fuss of simmering, straining, and storing broth yourself.

Great in all kinds of recipes

Our broth is flavorful but mild—it’s not overly seasoned. This makes it an excellent base for all types of cuisines. It’s also delicious by itself—drink it hot or cold!

Taking Stock broth has a clean label

“Clean label” means that our short list of ingredients only has real, recognizable foods that you might have in your own kitchen. Our broth is USDA certified organic and FDA certified. Cooking with our broth (or drinking it straight) is an excellent way to add a protein and flavor to your food.

We’re bone broth experts

Taking Stock Foods founders Molly Clark and Maddy Kaudy each have a professional culinary background, and met while working in a restaurant kitchen. They pooled their enthusiasm and expertise to develop a bone broth that’s both tasty and nutritious. Read our story

Taking Stock Foods is woman-owned and operated

When you buy our products, you’re supporting a venture that’s 100% woman-owned. And you’re backing a company that takes the time to do things right .

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I heated some Ginger Turmeric broth as a relaxing late night treat and immediately felt the soothing effects.  The broth is both light and flavorful and helped my whole body feel more relaxed.

— Tamara P.


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