Slowly, surely, we are embarking upon a new chapter at Taking Stock Foods.

This summer represented a major contraction for our company. In the beginning of August, we pulled our frozen bone broths from shelves and shifted our attention to getting our shelf stable products up and running. The hiatus of Taking Stock broth was planned. To bring the shelf stable broth into focus, we had to put the frozen broth to bed.

It has been a powerful transition for us.

We will be filling you in with details of when and where the new products will be available as they solidify. I can tell you that our packaging has had a makeover, and Maddy and I are elated with the results. In addition to nutrition information and recipes printed on the package, the colors and logo synthesize the Taking Stock brand, making it more succinct and easier for our customers to differentiate the flavors. We appreciate your patience. The shelf stable bone broths will seem new, but they’re actually a version of Taking Stock that is wiser and more intentional; more grown-up.

We are shaping our company to reach goals that used to be abstract, but through years of consideration are clear and achievable.

We want to make delicious, healthful foods in a company environment that is supportive and celebratory. We’re making it happen and we look forward to bringing you on for the ride. Happy fall! Molly Clark, co-founder Taking Stock Foods