Taking Stock’s line of organic chicken bone broths are clean label. Our company is excited to support the happy, healthy lives of our customers. Here are some practices we use in pursuit of our happy, healthy lives. 

Eat a diet largely comprised of fruits and vegetables. 

Here’s a trick : plan to cut, roast, steam and ‘rice’ veggies and fruits as soon as you get home. Also, it’s important to realistically evaluate how many fruits and veggies get used to eliminate costly waste. Start with a small shopping list and scale up as you replace processed foods with fresh produce.

Use a guided meditation to evaluate how the body feels.

Shifting the focus away from the demanding, achy mental and physical parts of ourselves is helpful. This 3 minute meditation from UCLA eases you into relaxation, and offers a break from tension and stress.

Change your diet for a fuller (not constricted) life.

Healthy eating, when done right, is expansive. It opens you up to new foods and a deeper relationship with your bodies needs and how to meet them. If it isn’t fulfilling, check in with yourself about your true reasons for wanting to change how you eat.

Spend time moving outside, completely unplugged.

Technology is linked to urgency constant engagement. Spend one hour a day tech free. This is more easily done outside, ideally in a natural setting. Give your mind room to roam free, observe and connect with your surroundings.

When experiencing pain, anxiety, or stress, focus on breathing.

Close your eyes. Slow your breathing. Your heart rate, too, will slow all while clearing the mind. This self soothing practice brings you back to the moment. Grounding in the present is a vital tool to alleviate stress and anxiety.