When I’m introducing Taking Stock bone broths to new people, they almost always ask me,

“Do you use bone broth every day? Is it good for you?”

Yes, I go out of my way to drink our broth every single day. I do this because Taking Stock organic chicken bone broth has changed my life for the better.

When I first heard of bone broth, I was skeptical. The name is unappealing. Also, isn’t it easy to make your own?

I have developed and rejected many, many bone broth recipes because they tasted awful!
As with many other simple foods, small missteps can reap awful results. Anyone can cook a bone broth, but cooking one that’s mild and delicious is hard.

Taking Stock bone broths were developed with flavor and nutrition in mind.

We have heard from many of our customers, often home cooks, just how difficult it is to achieve a bone broth that they want to drink. That’s why they use our products.

How to enjoy bone broth from a woman who owns a bone broth company,

  • Drink bone broth to fill you up and sustain your energy level. 
  • If you’re really hungry, add coconut milk or butter to a cup of Taking Stock Bone Broth, and sip it warm.
  • Organic chicken bone broth can play into your overall philosophy towards food and eating.

The flavor of Taking Stock Bone Broths and the benefits of bone broth to my health make it a simple choice for me. Write in to let me know how broth has changed your life!