How broth has changed my life.

When I’m introducing Taking Stock broth to new people, they almost always ask me, “do you use the broth every day?”

Yes, I go out of my way to drink our broth every single day. I do this because broth has changed my life for the better.

A steaming cup of bone broth with coconut milk or butter stirred in is a decadent, fulfilling snack!

When I first heard of a new product called bone broth, I was as skeptical as the next person. First of all, the name is unappealing. Tasty food doesn’t summon bones to mind. I also wondered, having cooked broths in the culinary field for years, why don’t bone broth drinkers just make it themselves?

Anyone can cook a bone broth, but results that are mild, delicious, and nutritious are hard to yield. As with many other deceptively simple foods, small missteps can reap awful results. I have personally developed and rejected many, many bone broth formulas because they weren’t palatable at all! Taking Stock broths were developed with flavor and nutrition in mind. We have heard from many of our customers, often home cooks, just how difficult it is to achieve a flavorful bone broth that they want to drink. That’s why they use our products.

I enjoy a cup of Taking Stock bone broth, often with coconut milk or lemon juice added, and sip it warm. It sates my appetite and sustains my energy level. I am always on the hunt for a filling, savory snack that isn’t loaded with carbs, processed fats, or insane amounts of salt. With our bone broth, I feel that I have found my snack soul mate! It’s always a special treat. And, unlike snacks that I used to enjoy in the past, I know I will feel better after having my broth.

Becoming a regular broth consumer has given me a newfound appreciation for nutrition, and has driven changes in my overall philosophy towards food and eating. Over the last two years, I have increased my fruit and vegetable intake, chosen to purchase meat, eggs and dairy directly from farmers, and incorporated a lot more water into my diet. In these two years, I have also seen many positive changes in my body. The correlation between my broth use and my other health initiatives make it difficult to attribute these positive changes directly to bone broth, but here’s what I have experienced;

Since I’ve been drinking bone broth regularly, I have seen a decrease in my seasonal allergies, noticed an improvement in the strength of my nails, seen a decrease in gum inflammation, and have perceptively clearer, more radiant skin. These are the benefits of broth that are often cited, so I feel somewhat assured that my experience is partially due to the golden elixir.

Drinking more bone broth and eating more vegetables go hand in hand.

I will continue to drink bone broth every day. The quality of flavor and the benefits to my health make it a simple choice for me. Write in to let me know how broth has changed your life!

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