I cooked a soup last night that has all the signature qualities of a Taking Stock recipe : lots of fresh vegetables, tangy and herby flavors to offset richness, and of course lots of rich and salty bone broth. 

It happens regularly that I have a recipe I want to share with you but am challenged to usher it from the chaotic context of a Wednesday night dinner and into the serene space of online content. 

Developing a recipe involves recipe testing, photography, copy development and editing, publishing and sharing the finished piece, a list of processes that can overwhelm the simple desire to offer you unique and delicious food ideas. 

I loved cooking this soup last night, and I wanted to share it with you. This thought was accompanied by self limiting perfectionism (“it’s going to take so much work to get this recipe just right”) and exhaustion (“when will I have time to develop the recipe with everything else I’m working on as a mom and a founder right now?”)

This thought process reminded me of something that I know – that I’m frustrated with defining myself by perfectionism and exhaustion. 

My co-founder Maddy and I have had many discussions establishing that we believe that the pursuit of perfectionism is a limiting belief. How does perfectionism limit you?

I’d love to hear from you about your experiences-