Comfort foods aren’t always comfortable in your tummy

Comfort foods are defined by decadence. For me, comfort foods need to include starch and fat – things like mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and thick soups filled with crumbled sausage. 

My taste buds crave rich dishes, but my stomach has other plans. Loading up on dairy and noodles can leave my tummy in stitches! If only there was a way to enjoy these flavors without the bellyache. 

Can the collagen in bone broth improve digestion?

Taking Stock Foods organic chicken bone broths are cooked from these whole ingredients for 18+ hours resulting in clean, chicken flavor that is perfect for cooking. This long cook time also unlocks the collagen inside the bones. 

Our bone broths have 8 grams of collagen per serving. Collagen has been shown to reduce bloating and improve mild digestive symptoms. Cooking with our best tasting bone broths can help your favorite comfort foods feel better in your body. 

2 comfort food recipes that please the taste buds and the belly!

We’ve reworked 2 classic comfort food recipes to better support your gut health.

Goulash, Midwestern Style is a 20 minute ground beef tomato sauce served with macaroni noodles. This dish is perfect for weeknight meals. We use bone broth in the sauce to mellow out the sharpness of the tomatoes. 

If you’re gluten-sensitive, use your favorite gluten-free macaroni noodle. 

Potatoes Au Gratin with Less Dairy reworks a classic steakhouse treat to something that you can stomach any day of the week. Lactose intolerance and lactose sensitivity can make it difficult to enjoy creamy dishes.

With this in mind, we eliminated the heavy cream traditionally used in Potatoes Au Gratin and made a thickened sauce using milk and bone broth. The umami flavor of the sauce is complimented by plenty of flavorful Gruyere cheese. You won’t miss the cream!