Most people first enjoy bone broth as a savory, protein rich alternative to juices, powders and smoothies. However, Taking Stock Foods’ exceptionally delicious organic chicken bone broths lend themselves to cooking as well as drinking! Here are some tips on how to cook with bone broth.

  1. Substitute bone broth for a traditional cooking stock to add body, flavor and nutrients to your favorite recipes.

    Taking Stock Foods’ bone broths are slow cooked for a concentrated flavor. In recipes that call for a lot of liquid, such as soups and stews, you can use 1 pouch of Taking Stock Foods bone broth and fill in the remaining liquid with water. Our premium bone broths are so flavorful that even diluted will deliver excellent results in your recipes. 

  2. Replace water when cooking packaged foods like mac and cheese with bone broth.

    By cooking packaged foods in bone broth instead of water, you instantly add protein to the final dish.  Bring 1 pouch of Taking Stock Foods Unsalted Chicken Bone Broth to a boil. Add the pasta and turn down to a simmer to prevent boil-over. Cook until noodles are tender; much of the liquid will be absorbed. Drain into a measuring cup, and use the pasta broth in place of milk to mix the cheese sauce, or reserve the broth for another use. 

  3. When a savory dish calls for dairy or water, use Taking Stock broth instead for a rich umami flavor that’s easy on the tummy.

    Breakfast egg bakes, savory oatmeal, creamy soups – all of these dishes are comforting and filling… and can be over the top! Taking Stock Foods’ bone broths are slow cooked from whole ingredients that are traceable right to the farm – they are simple foods that feel good in the stomach. If a recipe calls for milk, cream or water, consider using bone broth instead for lactose-free, rich savory flavor.