We have a series called the ‘Utensil Series’ on Instagram that draws attention to wonderfully unexpected kitchen tools. One of my very favorites is about antique silver spoons.

Two spoons side by sideI bought these antique silver spoons from resale shops years ago. They’re gorgeous, have a lovely balanced weight, and have a special quality that new spoons don’t.

As you can see in the photo to the right, the spoons have been loved by their previous owners to the point of wearing one side out. The spoons have been used so repeatedly that they has worn an edge down into a sharp, cutting utensil. This is not great for eating.

What it is good for is scooping and peeling. I love to use the curved, sharp edges of these spoons to peel ginger root and to scoop out the insides of squash. Watch Taking Stock’s Instagram Reel to see this in action

Want your very own antique silver spoon? Here are some tips

  1. Visit a resale or antiques shop and ask if they have a bin of cutlery. I’ve bought used utensils like this for under $5. 
  2. Run your finger along the worn edge to see if the wear has made it sharp. It won’t need it to be razor sharp as you’ll be cutting soft things with it, but it should be as sharp as a butter knife. 
  3. Find one that suits your style, whether it’s ornately decorated or plain Jane, you’ll be able to find a treasure that’s to your taste. 
  4. For an extra special gift, buy one of these spoons and have it engraved. This is a cheap and really special addition to anyone’s kitchen. 

We’re hoping this post will help you with your fall cooking and, maybe, with your holiday gifting. Wishing you a happy autumn!

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