Picture this: It’s the afternoon, and you find yourself face-to-face with that inevitable energy slump.

The last thing you want is the jittery aftermath of caffeine or the impending crash from sugary drinks. What you crave is a revitalizing lift without the unwanted side effects.

Embrace the transformative power of Taking Stock Foods organic chicken bone broth!

This savory elixir is not only a satisfying snack but it also works wonders by balancing, regulating, and energizing your body. Packed with essential protein, electrolytes, and collagen, it’s the glowing secret to nurturing your well-being.

Anticipate your needs by developing a supportive daily routine to take care of yourself by taking comfort in Taking Stock Foods organic chicken bone broths.

  1. Assess your needs. Throughout the week, take note of how your body feels between lunch and evening. Identify any consistent times when you experience a noticeable energy dip. Take note of significant factors – for example whether you’re feeling bored at home, or eagerly anticipating the end of the workday.
  2. Come up with a smart plan. Leverage your notes to identify ways you could receive support and comfort during these moments. For instance, if fatigue is a consistent theme, consider supporting yourself by allowing some rest. If boredom is a recurring feeling, reset with a hands on creative activity like doodling or following instructions for a basic origami pattern.
  3. Schedule a 15-minute break on your calendar when you usually feel low on energy.
  4. Name the event something that reflects the support you want, like “my afternoon rest” and add some notes about what you’ll do to ensure that you receive that support.
  5. Heat up 8 ounces of Taking Stock Foods organic chicken bone broth; sip and savor delcious bone broth while attending to your other needs.

Use these 15 minutes daily to attend to your emotional well-being while providing your body with the nourishment it craves.

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