As I co-host another PUSH cleanse, I want to give you one of the supportive tools we use in tandem with our 8-day whole food menu. 

Nicole Pillow joined the PUSH cleanse on Sunday night as an expert to discuss inner beauty and something I had never heard of, Soul Care. She describes Soul Care as ‘loving kindness and compassion over your mind, over your will, and over your emotions.” She’s a powerful teacher and she guided us on how to reset emotionally. 

To begin our journey with Soul Care, she asked us to visualize an internal AM/FM radio. She identified that the quieter signals of our internal AM stations broadcast affirmative messages and the loud, clear signals characteristic of our internal FM stations broadcast failure messages. 

Nicole’s AM/FM analogy demonstrates the phenomenon of negative feedback having a greater impact than positive feedback

Considering this, it’s important to know when you’re receiving an affirmative message (AM) so that you can tune in and turn up. So, how do you know when you’re getting an AM message? Just like a song you like on the radio, it makes you dance and lights up your soul.

This simple analogy gave me a tool to identify when I’m reinforcing myself with supportive feedback. I hope to become better at accepting affirmative messages and pushing back against failure messages. This will be a lifelong process, to be sure, but one that I’m game to pursue.