Chickens around a feeding trough.

Getting to know farmers is the best part of owning a bone broth company. Maddy and I met while working at a farm-to-table restaurant which developed our reverence for the rich agricultural heritage of Minnesota. The pleasure we got working directly with farmers inspired us, in part, to begin Taking Stock. 

Since our launch in 2015, we developed relationships with farmers, learned about their processes and appreciated the unique perspective that they have on our food system. These experiences have informed our commitment to sourcing ingredients raised with care. 

Maddy feeding chickensTaking Stock Foods organic chicken bone broth sources chicken that is Global Animal Partnership certified level 3; the living standards of the chicken we use include seasonal access to outdoor space, minimum space requirements to prevent overcrowding, and 6 hour maximum transport time.

The Global Animal Partnership’s program works with farmers “to influence the food industry, raise consumer expectations, and create a sustainable environment.” Taking Stock Foods works with farmers to accomplish these goals as well. We continue to be curious about the ways in which humane treatment of animals is evolving. In our choice to source from these types of farms, we show our commitment to raising the living standards and the quality of meat that is available to U.S. consumers.