Put steel-cut oats on the menu!

We’ve asked steel-cut oat expert and founder of Minnesota based 3 Bear Oats, Therese Moore, 2 questions to highlight what makes steel cut oats special. 

Q: How are steel-cut oats different from other oats?

A: Steel-cut is simply a less processed way to use oats. Instead of being rolled and processed in water like traditional oatmeal, the groat or oat grain is cut in small pieces.

Steel-cut has slightly more nutritional value than rolled, mainly due to a higher fiber content and lower glycemic index.

Q: How do you mix it up with steel-cut oats?

A: In the U.S. most of us think of oatmeal as breakfast food. However, in many parts of the world oats are eaten throughout the day and incorporate more savory flavors.

Hungry for more? We love savory steel-cut oats, a recipe for them is featured on our Classic Chicken Bone Broth package!

The simplicity of steel-cut oats cooked in bone broth knocks it out of the park, but if you’re looking for even more ideas on how to make these oats extra special, check out 1, 2, 3, 4 Overnight Savory Oats variations on our recipes page.