Bone broth has been gaining popularity for many years, and Taking Stock has been growing alongside it. Here’s a picture of me and my friend Julia Toffoli trying bone broth in New York in 2015.

When we started developing Taking Stock, I was definitely familiar with slow cooked broth but the name ‘bone broth’ and how it was presented specifically as a functional, ready to drink food was a new spin on an ancient cure-all.

Maddy and I wanted to know who was using bone broth, why they were using bone broth, and how Taking Stock could fit into this need.

Some memorable experiences we had during this fact finding stage of our business were a presentation to a Weston A Price chapter, deep conversations about the need for nutrient dense foods with chemo patients and pregnant women, and testing recipe after recipe to find a bone broth that tasted good!

We learned that bone broth differed from culinary broth most noticeably in its application – as a ready to drink beverage – and saw a market need for a delicious, nutrient dense, clean food that could enhance the diets of anyone who used it.

Our shelf stable bone broths have been on the market for just over 2 years, and we continue to see bone broth’s popularity grow. We are so thankful for the countless conversations we’ve had and the boundless encouragement we get from our customers and community.

Bone broth might be a trendy name for something that’s existed for Millenia, but we’re excited to be making it now in response to the needs of modern people. It’s been great learning about the product, and even more fun bringing it into the kitchens of thousands of happy customers.