I’ve been co-hosting and participating in PUSH Fitness’ 2021 Reset, a holistic program consisting of fitness, food, and introspection.

This is my 8th time co-hosting this program. Whenever I reset, I am reminded that modern food choices are strongly influenced by convenience and instant gratification which often results in foods that are highly processed. We call this program a ‘reset’ because we cut out processed foods and replace them with fresh vegetables and foods that are closest to their natural state.

I’ve developed materials to help participants plan, prepare and schedule their meals to ensure that they are satisfied while eating this way. We know from experience that when switching from processed to unprocessed foods, a person can get overwhelmed by the time it takes to prepare scratch meals from raw ingredients. We want to minimize this challenge as much as possible.

Aiming to eat 8 cups of vegetables a day, as I do, is daunting at first. However, once you get some basic skills down it becomes a simpler practice. Finding unprocessed foods to embellish vegetables becomes really important. Taking Stock Foods organic bone broth is the perfect easy accompaniment to a diet based on unprocessed foods. It’s slow cooked from a handful of whole ingredients and thanks to the packaging it couldn’t be easier to use. When I’m in a pinch, a cup or two of broccoli, kale, sweet potato or frozen vegetables heated in Taking Stock Classic Chicken Bone Broth fills me up and aligns with my health goals.

Are you learning how to eat a less processed diet? What can we do to help?