We’re giving a shout out to one of our favorite people and her business!

Connie Sheehan, of PUSH fitness in St. Paul was a classmate of ours, and is now one of our closest business and personal contacts. Her studio has a mission to meet the fitness needs of African American women. PUSH offers great classes including Gospel Spin on Sundays, and outdoor bootcamps during the summer months.

Taking Stock had the great pleasure of promoting our organic chicken bone broth at a week-long cleanse that PUSH Fitness and Valeesha Halmon, a nutritional specialist, hosted in March. I found myself inadvertently going on the cleanse, and learned a ton of new things about our broth that I hadn’t known before.

 Taking Stock organic chicken bone broths have minimal ingredients and an extended cooking time.

For cleansing, our bone broths offer a high protein, easily digestible food that makes elimination diets more convenient. 

It was while I participated in the PUSH cleanse that I really became interested in drinking our bone broth. I woke up every day with a new, inspired ‘breakfast broth’ idea. I fell in love with our bone broth all over again, because I was using it in a different way than I had been doing.

I am grateful for the connections that Taking Stock Foods has instigated. Connie is a total gem of a person and Taking Stock and PUSH Fitness led our paths to cross.