This summer has been ideal. It has been warm. People are thriving. And so is Taking Stock Foods.

Maddy and I evaluate our business’ success by various measures. One important one is how much we enjoy what we do. 

We love working outside. This is Taking Stock’s first summer farmer’s market season. Twice a week, Maddy and I get to sample our bone broth. During down time, we meet babies (awesome) and admire dogs (fantastic).

Every weekend, we get to stand under our beloved tent – nicknamed tentacle – and meet the generous and wonderful people of Minnesota. We have met all sorts of characters. Their stories and energy inform our conviction that we should be living our lives fully, around people we love, doing what we like to do.

There is no way to look at it that would make it seem less than spectacular.

Today, I am in doors, cooking broth all day long. We are developing new products, and there is a sense of possibility and excitement in the air. We feel confident about our bone broths. We love what we do.

My hope is that our bone broth and our business reflect these feelings of happiness and good will. We’d love to chat with you at our next market, maybe meet your kid or your dog, and admire the other goodies you’ve picked up along the way. Let’s share a moment! We can’t wait to see you.