We have built Taking Stock around local, sustainable, and slow foods.

As we gain experience, we are trying to merge our local agriculture leanings with a scalable business. We want our customers to have a sense of ownership in our brand, and dialogue informs many of our business moves, so please keep the feedback coming. We are listening!

Taking Stock Foods has an interest in the long term to source chickens from farmers with flocks of 2,000 or less.

We visited a couple these farms this spring and were rewarded with an understanding of what small agriculture looks like in Minnesota. Working with small farms is logistically involved in a way that working with large farms is not. 

What’s right for our business in year 2 will allow for us to pursue these endeavors in the future.

Although we may not be sourcing from these farms now, we are staying close to them by networking with them and joining panels and discussion groups that connect small farmers and manufacturers. 

What do you know about this topic? Do you have strong feelings about small farms and manufacturing? Let us know info@takingstockfoods.com.