One element of business ownership that I hadn’t thought too much about before founding Taking Stock Foods is company culture.

Our culture has been organically developing, and it’s fascinating to observe. 

Maddy and I already incorporate ‘fun days’ into our work weeks, usually once a month. On these days, we watch movies or get to do some cool research and development cooking projects.

As we grow our workforce outside of ourselves, we will continue to evaluate what makes a company a good place to work for.

This is even more important because we are a company that manufactures food – organic chicken bone broth. Food represents generosity, caring, and nourishment on many levels. We vet our vendors and consultants to ensure that they consider these principles in their own places of work. When we hire employees, we want them to take stock in our products and understand the philosophies we developed around this company.

At this moment, our company consists of Maddy and me with significant reinforcement coming from our friends and families.

As we grow, we strive to be able to show our hired employees why the work that we are doing is important, fun, and purposeful.

I look forward to reflecting on this blog post when we have employees, to see if my current optimism will translate into a reality. Wish me luck!