Feel Good Workplace

As small business owners, it is inevitable that Maddy and I must invite our work into our personal lives and spaces. Because of this, we strive to make our work as enjoyable as possible. The old adage ‘if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life,’ is a little rose colored for my taste, but it is a nice thing to keep in mind.

One of the reasons that we decided that we wanted to start our own business is because we believe that we can create a positive, reinforcing workspace for ourselves and our employees. An article from Forbes online by Meghan M. Biro titled Happy Employees = Hefty Profits opens with, “I can walk into a company and tell within seconds whether or not its employees are well treated and happy on a basic level. The level of employee engagement, warmth and sense of a shared purpose is palpable.” This statement is an affirmation of our ideal workplace. Maddy and I already incorporate ‘fun days’ into our work weeks, usually once a month. On these days, we watch movies or get to do some cool research and development cooking projects. As we grow our workforce outside of ourselves, we will continue to evaluate what makes a company a good place to work for.

This is even more important because we are a company that manufactures food. Borrowing from the theme of the film Like Water For Chocolate, I think that food is an empathetic medium. Food represents generosity, caring, nourishment and care taking on many levels. We vet our vendors and consultants to ensure that they consider these principles in their own places of work. When we hire employees, we want them to Take Stock in our products and understand the philosophies we developed around this company.

At this moment, our company consists of Maddy and me with significant reinforcement coming from our partners, friends and families. As we grow, we strive to be able to show our hired employees why the work that we are doing is important, fun, and purposeful. I look forward to reflecting on this blog post when we have employees, to see if my current optimism will translate into a reality. Wish me luck!

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