I attended a class last night at the St Paul Yoga Center. It opened with a passage from a book about how the origins of fear are tied with the ego’s inability to exist in the moment. The reading’s relevance to my life right now was very compelling.

I am learning to juggle, metaphorically speaking, right now.

Taking Stock is a baby company that needs extra attention, I am in the midst of buying a house, and I am scrambling to spend quality time with my lovely friends. In addition, I am constantly trying to improve my health and happiness.

My ‘ego’ is in overdrive I admit to feeling anxious.

I was reminded yesterday to be present in the moment. It is easy to focus on the future to the detriment of real-time responsibilities. It is easy to make an excuse for distractedness or aloofness because you have ‘bigger things on your mind.’

To be in the moment is to let those outside things fall away.

This is very hard to do. But if I work at it, the people and things around me will be grateful, and I will be more fulfilled.