Making This Summer Fit… With Broth.

This summer, we are bringing Taking Stock to two weekly farmer’s markets in Minneapolis. Our goal is to introduce more people than ever to our product and to get Minnesotans excited about drinking Taking Stock’s delicious, mild broth.

This admirable goal could have one major hiccup: who wants to drink bone broth on a muggy, 90 degree summer day?

Think about brewing a pot of hot coffee in the middle of August. Unheard of? No. We drink warm beverages in the heat, perhaps with less frequency than we do during cooler times of year, but hot food in the summer persists.

The benefits of drinking bone broth also persist. In fact, broth may be the perfect summer food. It is hydrating, and has electrolytes to replenish our bodies. It has protein, providing a light meal to individuals who may balk at the idea of eating something heavy in the heat.

Taking Stock broth is also easily customizable, allowing broth drinkers to make it a hot weather treat. Heirloom tomato juice and fresh basil would dress broth up for a summer menu. You could go as far as to chill it, and serve it over frozen broth cubes.

We may have launched our product in December, but this summer is our chance to introduce Minnesotans to our broth en masse. Farmer’s Markets are a great space for food innovation, and attract a curious crowd of progressive food supporters.

Come visit us on most weekends at the Northeast Farmer’s Market (Saturdays) and the Linden Hills Farmer’s Market (Sundays). We are excited to convince the world that broth is a great food, no matter the season!

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