Bone broth is a healing food.

Most conversations typecast bone broth as a diet food that holds exclusive appeal to low-carb folks. While bone broth works for keto and paleo diets, its magic lies in its ability to meet every body in a nourishing, supportive way.

Ancient, intuitive wisdom tells us that when we’re sick or healing, broth is what the body needs.

Bone broth gently hydrates the body while replenishing it with minerals like calcium and magnesium.

When we are seeking to heal our bodies, we want to support ourselves with foods made from ingredients that were raised with thought and care.

Bone broths cooked from single-source organic plants and free range animals fed an organic and vegetarian diet are going to be easier on the body.

I drank Taking Stock Foods bone broth during my pregnancy and postpartum months when I needed a quick, easy and restorative food.

When I was pregnant, bone broth gave me steady energy even when my appetite was nonexistent. Postpartum, I found that 2 cups of bone broth was the perfect amount to heat up for a snack, or to add to some cooked brown rice and veggies for a more substantial, balanced meal.

Look for bone broth when you’re in need of energy, restoration and balance.

For snacking, Taking Stock’s Ginger Turmeric is a customer favorite. For cooking, use our Classic or Unsalted bone broths for unmatched, rich chicken flavor.