Eating clean is about favoring nutrient dense foods over empty calories.

Swapping junk foods for healthier options is a familiar tactic in evaluating the healthfulness of a diet, so why not apply this tool when we’re choosing what to watch or read? Although some of what we see and hear is an unwelcome nuisance, we are also choosing to spend more time with our screens.

To help choose mental whole foods over junk, ask yourself this question, “Will this stay with me or will it go right through me?”

To start out, control your consumption of ’empty media’ by matching it with time doing creative, fulfilling activities. The urge to treat with decadent foods is often triggered by an emotionally hungry state. The same goes for binge watching, and often leaves the viewer unfulfilled. To get at the root of the desire to binge watch, do an emotion check.

Ask yourself, Is the activity going to alleviate your emotional symptoms? If not, think about a better way to address your mental health.

Take a nap when you’re tired. Set aside quiet time when your anxious. While the promise of a nap or a quiet cup of tea (or Taking Stock Ginger Turmeric Bone Broth) may not inspire excitement, these activities directly address your mood instead of ignoring it. This practice will pay dividends in the long term, and give you the energy to truly enjoy the episode of your favorite show.