Bacon is fatty enough that it freezes well.

Frozen bacon is an overachieving ingredient -even more so than fresh bacon- for 3 reasons. 

  1. Bacon is typically sold in packages that weigh more than half a pound. Freezing it justifies using it in small quantities to flavor a dish. 
  2. Bacon is fatty. Cutting fresh bacon can be a chore as it can get slippery and be hard to wrangle. When frozen, bacon is a lot easier to chop. 
  3. Bacon ends are available at many stores. These oddly shaped pieces are cheaper to buy than slabs and work great for chopping and adding to soups, eggs, salads – anything that could use a rich, smokey sweet kick. 

Bacon is an ingredient that is high in calories and high in fat – and high in flavor. Using it to flavor dishes is a great way to enjoy bacon in moderation.

If you buy bacon in a package that weighs more than a pound, divide it into pound increments and store it in freezer bags. The smaller size makes it easier to store if you have limited freezer space and makes it easy to eyeball portions as you cut frozen pieces to use. 

Arroz con pollo gets a luxurious richness with only 4 ounces of bacon – 1 ounce per serving!